Men’s & Women’s

In Men’s ministry, we hope to develop young men into Christ-centered men. Our goal is to engage individuals in spiritual growth through the Word and engaged brotherhood. Our plans for this year includes Bible study, Men’s retreat, Sister’s Appreciation Day (SAD), etc. To reiterate, the main purpose for this ministry is to develop young men to further serve the kingdom of God.

In Women’s ministry, we hope to promote a sense of unity amongst one another and grow together as sisters in Christ. Every week we have a Bible study to provide more opportunities to delve into God’s word. Other events we have throughout the year are Women’s retreat, Brother’s Appreciation Day (BAD), etc. This ministry is also to develop young women to further serve the kingdom of God.


The purpose of prayer ministry is to help the body come together in prayer. To pray for each other in the body and those surrounding us. Prayer is a essential part of a Christians walk and as a prayer leader, I want to encourage the body to keep in constant communication with their heavenly Father. It is not by our doing if the fellowship grows but rather by Gods doing. Matthew 21:22 “And whatever you ask in prayer, you will receive, if you have faith.” This will help unite the body by bringing the body to pray for one another and encourage each other to be in each other’s lives. As it says in James 5:16, that we as a body of Christ need to keep each other accountable and support each other through prayer. Supporting and loving on each other.

Reach Team

In the Reach team, our goal is to in-reach and out-reach. This means our purpose is to connect with the individuals. We also hope to strengthen and encourage the bonds of the members in the fellowship. Through different opportunities (Discipleship Program, MOI Ministry, Welcome Team, MC Interest, and more!), our desire is to reach everyone in the body and to provide ways to get involved while growing together in Christ!



One of the programs we are most excited about is discipleship. Using the Paul-Timothy model, we hope to grow, raise, and send out disciples of Christ. Our goal is to have individuals pair up and grow together in Christ. They pray together, worship together, and go through the Word together. Stay tuned for more information in the Winter Quarter.

Worship Team

The purpose of Worship Ministry is to utilize our skills in various musical instruments to direct people’s attention and praise toward God through music. We want to make sure the mindset, motives, and actions as worship leaders is focused on serving God and not ourselves. With that said, we also like to enjoy the music we play and play to the best of our abilities while learning new songs and techniques from each other.

Can you play a sick beat? Do you not play a sick beat but like to play with speakers and XLR cables? We’d love for you to help us with sound during worship and help kick feedback in the face! Fill out this interest form here!